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2024-03-20 10:16:12

I love the fact that I can monitor all the text messages, including the deleted ones. My son no longer plays tricks on me. Super smart app!

By Danielle


2024-03-20 10:16:12

I always wondered why my daughter locks herself in her room while on the internet. Thanks to this app I found out what kinds of sites she visits and interested in. There is no secret on the target device with KidsGuard.

By Devi


2024-03-20 10:16:12

The installation process was super easy. No jailbreaking of the target device is required. It took me very few minutes.

By Albert Nunez


2024-03-20 10:16:12

The intuitive dashboard makes KidsGuard Pro so easy to use. I haven’t experienced any hitched since I installed the app.

By El Sniper


2024-03-20 10:16:12

I was surprised I only backed up the iPhone once, now the data is automatically collected without any further actions. I love the app!

By Andrew Calhoun


2024-03-20 10:16:12

I got value for my money. The app is affordable and comes loaded with great features. The developers are on point.

By Kely A


2024-03-20 10:16:12

Such an easy-to-use app to monitor my kid’s iPhone. No problems at all.

By Sid


2024-03-20 10:16:12

Among the features I like is that one of the flexible installation modes where you choose to hide the app when installing it on the target device. The target user can’t be suspicious of anything going on.

By Jimmy


2024-03-20 10:16:12

The other apps I previously used required a USB connection. I was thrilled when I tried KidsGuard. I just remotely monitor iPhone via Wi-Fi.

By Ashley


2024-03-20 10:16:12

I have been using other parental control apps but I was always worried as the icon is easily visible. However, when I opted for this app, I realized the icon is 100% undetectable on the home screen after you have installed it. So, it works discreetly, without any suspicion from the target individual

By panqi

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