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2024-03-20 10:16:12

good program

By Yosef


2024-03-20 10:16:12

buenas tardes, mas que una opinion es una pregunta. este programa tambien monitorea whatsapp plus???

By eduardo gonzalez


2024-03-20 10:16:12

I ned call history plz help me

By Arslan baig


2024-03-20 10:16:12

Excelente, solo que deberían quitar el icono de instalación, ya que si la persona no reconoce el icono lo desinstala y así no es tan discreto

By Frank


2024-03-20 10:16:12

I am using this parental control app to protect my child from improper content exposure online. It does a really good job.

By Rebecca


2024-03-20 10:16:12

I like to know do I have to download anything on my daughters phone for this to work

By Linda pinkham


2024-03-20 10:16:12

I love KidsGuard Pro parental control app because it helps me keep an eye of what my kid is doing on his phone. And it is undetectable.

By Jordan


2024-03-20 10:16:12

Thanks to KidsGuard Pro I am able to see my child's time and the sites they go to. I have used all the features with my daughter. So thankful for this app to putting my mind at ease.

By Jane


2024-03-20 10:16:12

very good. I bought a subscription, installed the app, and then entered my panel. After a few minutes, I was informed about the messages, contact , WhatsApp chat & virtual apps, location, and everything

By ly jones


2024-03-20 10:16:12

I no longer have to bother with what my girlfriend does behind my back. Since I installed this app, I can easily record the phone calls of my girlfriend and the receivers. I recently realized she has started cheating on me. Thanks for this app!

By Anubha

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